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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do you charge for your services?​

    • All of our services are free of charge, including electronics recycling, hard drive destruction, and scheduled pick-ups.

  2. What is your service area?

    • ​Our standard service area is the Gulf Coast region consisting of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana; However, we are willing to serve clients with bulk recyclable materials in any location upon request.

  3. Can you pick up my items?

    • ​Yes! Please contact us to schedule an appointment for free pick up.

  4. How should I prepare for my scheduled pickup?

    • ​Be sure to save any important information you may need before offering your electronics for recycling. If possible, store all items to be recycled in one location, where they can be easily loaded onto our truck.  It is important to let us know the type any quantity of items you are recycling, so we can bring the right equipment for the job.

  5. Can I drop-off my items?

    • Yes, you can drop your items off any time during our business hours or you can utilize our after-hours drop box.  We are located at 12390 Gulf Beach Highway, Pensacola, FL 32507.  *Please note, we recommend items containing sensitive information be dropped off during regular business hours to help ensure the security of your data.* 

  6. Do you accept "CRT" televisions or monitors (old "fat back" TVs and monitors)?

    • ​No, we are unable to accept CRT devices at this time.  In order for us to provide our services to you for free, we cannot recycle CRT monitors and televisions due to the cost associated with proper disposal.  For information about how to properly dispose of CRT devices we suggest you contact your local municipality. 

  7. Do you buy or pay for items to be recycled?

    • ​No, we do not purchase items; which enables us to offer our recycling, data destruction, and pick-up services to you free of charge.

  8. Do you provide certification of data destruction?

    • ​Yes, we can provide a certificate of data destruction upon request.

  9. Where do my items get recycled?

    • ​Our recycling operation is located near Pensacola in Northwest Florida.  We recycle by disassembling and sorting various electronics and e-waste.  The resulting components are then sent to responsible and licensed partners who further process the materials for future use in the supply chain.

  10. How does your business make money if you don't charge for services?

    • ​While most obsolete electronics and e-waste have very little value in their existing state, once properly dismantled, small amounts of various metals can be recovered, which accumulate with a large volume of recyclable items received.  These metals are sorted and sold for use in manufacturing new products.  However, responsible electronics recycling is not solely about profits…more importantly it is about keeping e-waste out of landfills and finding opportunities to re-purpose materials in an effort to improve the health of our environment.

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